Thursday, January 14, 2016 is Born

This website was created with the truth about extraterrestrials and global first contact in mind. I believe global first contact is coming relatively soon in the grand scheme of things. My estimation is about 2050 give or take 20 years. I cannot predict this event with certainty, but I can say my estimate is educated. So far to my memory, I have gotten no legitimate extraterrestrial contact saying exactly when global first contact will happen. But I have gotten hints it could be within my lifetime(I was born in 1984).

I have been a contactee of extraterrestrials since 2008. I have had a large amount of experiences related to Extraterrestrial Technology, Extraterrestrial Society, and Global First Contact. On this website I will explore what Extraterrestrials have conveyed to me about global first contact in addition to some other information.

I have received much help and guidance from one race in particular in the knowledge on this website, and that is a blond haired race of extraterrestrials who I consider "Angels", but would perhaps be more aptly termed grounded human-like beings who are activists with their space programs.

On this website I will be covering many Extraterrestrial related topics, however one focus is the conspiracy planned by the "ruling class" of our society for global first contact. Their plans are sinister to say the least and need some exposure in my view...